Monday, June 7, 2010

Rookies Shine in Sunday Scorcher

There may be a lot of pink shirts in Dupont Circle, but none were brighter than those of the K Street Crooks this weekend. As the sun blazed down on their neon threads, the Crooks bravely fought their way to a blistering, sweltering, MF-hot 2-1 win.
The goals this week came from two rookies. The first, a rocket from 20 yards out, came off the foot of Andrew Dawson – a close friend and last-minute substitution to the busted up Jimmy Olsen. “I’m no replacement, I’m an upgrade” quipped Dawson. The second goal, the game-winner, was a masterful header late in the second half by the Argentine phenom, Juan Mascheroni. Mascheroni danced circles around the opponent all afternoon, and only decided to score when he “really felt like it.”
With two games to go, the Crooks still have a very good chance to rebound into the top of the standings. Stay tuned for for further updates!

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