Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shady Dealings on K Street

Readers, a curious situation is brewing in Dupont Circle. Witnesses to the K Street Crooks first game of the season all testify to a match ending in a 1-0 loss for the pink warriors. An unfortunate result for sure, but one that happens even to the best of teams from time to time. At the second game of the season, onlookers saw an improved squad that battled its way to a 2-2 draw. Again, a bit of an unfortunate result for the storied club, but not wholly undeserved.
Now here comes the kicker.
As the ink began to dry on the El Campo 2-game wrap-up, a masterful, if a bit morose, column on the Crooks fall to the lower echelons of the standings, a diligent little El Campo intern decided to double-check the stats in the story before it headed out the door. A loss in Game 1 yielded 0 points, and a tie in Game 2 yielded 1 point, for a total of 1 point. The intern compared these figures with the official table on www.districtsports.org, and couldn’t believe his budding young-professional eyes. Clear as day, there on the official table, the K Street Crooks are holding 3 points. A win and a loss are tallied.
Yes, dear readers, it seems the accounting ghosts of Crooks past are with us again. The shady bookkeeping roots of the pink organization are legendary in these parts, and quite frankly, we at El Campo are not surprised at the obvious stat fixing. We’re almost comforted, in fact, by the apparent presence of those long lost Crooks. The Sargent duo, the Hoefs brothers, the elusive Cedarbaum, or the ever-wily former captain Dimbiloglu… whoever is responsible for this latest rec league con surely has the full support of Pink Nation. Onward and upward folks, in any way possible.

Stay tuned to see if the Ghost of Moose returns next week as the Crooks take on FSR Crew at 4pm.