Monday, November 30, 2009

Crooks Season Ends on a High Note

It seems the Crooks have finally warmed up to their construction cone attire. Before they headed out for their Thanksgiving holidays, the Crooks wowed the Capitol Hill crowd with not one, but two smashing victories – a back-to-back feat not seen since the jersey’s were bubble-gum pink. The 2-1 losers on Saturday called themselves CQ Bias FC, while Swampoodle – a longtime K Street rival – lost 2-1 in their final game of the season Sunday.

Though the current standings have K Street in 8th place through 7 games, with a -15 goal differential, captain Breznay assures El Campo that when the final standings are all sorted out, the Crooks will be on top. When asked to elaborate on how this numerically impossible result could be, Breznay simply reminded us of the long line of seedy accountants that have passed through the pink ranks, adding “We’ve got friends in mediocre places, El Campo.”

Stat-fixing aside, the Crooks should be very proud of themselves this season. With such a huge restructuring, from top down, they kept it together and prevailed a few of the times they needed to.

Keep your eyes peeled for news on upcoming spring 2010 schedules and World Cup preparation.