Wednesday, March 11, 2009

UPDATE: Crooks to remain pretty in pink

The polls closed overnight on the Crook Uniform Referendum and the Pink prevailed. In a close 7-6 vote, the team voted to request pink jerseys from the league again this year. Aside from quick diversions into melon and red, the Crooks have been pink since their inception. Recently, a growing movement within the team began agitating for a new uniform color, forcing the referendum.

"We're excited by the results. It's important to our identity that we remain pink. Also, it means my tramp stamp is still relevant," said defender Amber Lovell, lifting the back of her shirt to reveal the K Street Crook nestled in a web of tribal linework.

Some Crooks were not as happy. "This is crap," said striker/baker/candlestick maker Logan Kendall. "I wanted a shirt that I could wear out - covered in the blood of my opponents (or teammates) - to entice the ladies. Everyone knows blood doesn't show up well on pink. GAH!" he said, forcefully burying his fist into a pile of dough.

The Crooks roster is nearly final and will appear here exclusively on El Campo.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Quickly, the chromatic future of the Crooks has become uncertain. Vote to the right whether you would like to remain pink or take some other color.