Monday, October 19, 2009

Screw you, Mother Nature

For already the second time this season, Mother Nature has washed out the prospects of a Crooks win. (Or, staved off a loss – however you fine readers of El Campo choose to see it. But this reporter chooses the former) How dare she prevent our orange-clad warriors from wowing the Capital Hill crowds and enthralling them with their incredible football artistry? Where else are these crowds supposed to go? To a Redskins game? Surely they should not be subjected to such cruel punishment. And what about the children? What about the children, I say. Those that look up to the likes of Andrew “Pele” Horgan, Jim “the Flash” Olsen, Ian “Kaboom!” Pfeil… Who are they left to idolize on a Sunday afternoon? Miley? Someone from the Hills? Surely this must not be so.
So Mother Nature, please, cast a ray of sunshine on our beloved Crooks this weekend (just one will do.. the jerseys will act as mirrors and reflect on the whole neighborhood). Do it for the children!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crooks win!

On a beautiful autumn day in our nation’s capital, the K Street Crooks rebounded to a 3-0 victory over the Glover Park Groupers. [insert bad fish pun here] Goals were aplenty, with rookies Andrea and Ian notching one apiece, and second-season veteran Paul tacking on the third.

The Crooks held possession for the vast majority of the game. The few times the Groupies did manage to get anywhere near the box though, one intimidating figure was waiting for them: Pete the Substitute Goalie. Snagged from the previous game, Pete came through with a stellar goal-keeping performance that clearly showed why he was not on the K Street Crooks squad. We are grateful for his charity, and fearful of our upcoming match-up with his real team.

Next week the team-formerly-clad-in-pink-but-now-in-Hi-Liter-Orange takes on Unatletico DC at noon. Be there!