Friday, September 28, 2007

Last game of 2nd season ...

... is coming up on Saturday at 5pm. We have our worthy captain back from a tedious overseas training and recruiting mission where he learned to juggle the ball more than once. He's now working on completing juggle number 3.
We need a win here for an even .500 end of season winning-percentage. I don't want to end the season with a 37.5% winning-percentage (that's 3 out of 8 wins for all you accountants).
Everybody remember to eat carbs at 1 or 2pm Saturday.

Strength and honor!

- B

Monday, September 17, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Week #5 Pics

K Street Crooks VS. Sarah McElhinney's Fantastic Team

Crooks 3 - Fantastic 0

Monday, September 10, 2007


I was going to write a really long funny thing about the game this week, but I decided to mix it up. I figure this week we'll nominate a few plays of the match and then have Mustafa form them into a poll so we can vote. Winning play gets a Clif Bar.

Check the comments to see the nominees and I'll see you next week.

Friday, September 7, 2007

How They Spent Their Summer Vacation

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Numerous curious readers have written in to El Campo de Petworth recently, asking how their on pitch heroes passed the three weekends of inaction that they themselves found so painful. Given this blog’s steadfast commitment to giving its readers what they need, ECdP decided to find out what went on in the lives of these crack athletes. After a series of extensive interviews, we found that they occupied their time as follows:

Mustafa – Strutted around in Turkish nationalist spandex.

Tim Snyder – Blocked traffic, checkout lanes, crosswalks, hallways, etc.

Alexis - Checked 16 Hanson concert venues, 2 Hanson brothers off of life list.

Logan – Created numerous spreadsheets of impressive length.

Jon – Made mixed martial arts debut. Outpointed by Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro.

Ben – Attended Baywatch Fantasy Life Guarding Camp in puzzlingly-landlocked Berlin, Germany. Traded “e” in last name for an apostrophe.

Mark – 26 day bender. Shower.

Dorothy – Thought up excuses for not coming to games during September.

Justin – Cooked, cleaned, waxed floors, gave massages, dusted, washed clothes, moved furniture, talked to friendly mice.

Amy – Fanned herself, asked Justin to find her missing shoe.

Joanne – Sex.

Mike – Unknown, but done with 110% hustle.

Eric – Play with the ol’bocce balls a little bit.

Tim Malacarne – Practiced. Made fun of Mustafa. Practiced making fun of Mustafa.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

K Street Abuzz with Anticipation

After long furlough, (most of) the Crooks are ready for Saturday

WASHINGTON, DC - The Crooks of K Street face SarahMcElhinney'sFantasticTeam this Saturday at 4:00PM on the Petworth Pitch. After several weeks off, the Winners in Watermelon are anxious to get back to their beloved, potholed patch of grass.

Ranked 9th, K Street is looking for redemption against the 13th ranked SarahMcElhinney'sFantasticTeam. That is, everyone except for backup goalkeeper/bocce superhero Eric Cederbaum. Cederbaum, who will be missing the game to attend a bocce championship "needs to reevaluate his priorities," according to team captain Mustafa Dimbiloglu. "Soccer is the real sport while bocce is for 4 year olds... or Italian's in their 80's."

"His absence will be a challenge for the team," said now-starting netminder Tim Snyder. "I'm excited for the opportunity to save some balls, my job and goal kick any memory of that bocce-star cum goalie out of everybody's heads," he continued, smacking the posts of the life-sized goal set up over the bed in his Arlington apartment while thumping his chest, "This is MY house. I MUST PROTECT THIS HOUUUSE!"

The team will also be without the services of defender Alexis Horn, who has been all-but-absent from every game this season. El Campo asked Horn, who will be scouring the woods of New Hampshire, about her absence. "Mustafa [Dimbiloglu, team captain] mentioned that too. I've been here for the past three weeks, helloooooo! It's just annoying." Horn continued, stating the fact that the past three weeks were cancelled were "not my fault! Wait, that wasn't meant to be a quote. Oh whatever!" When reached for a reply, Dimbiloglu said "Reeeeer!" accompanied with a clawing gesture.

Overall, the team is optimistic that it can overcome the spotty commitments of their non-essential members. "Nederman-like absenteeism has become endemic on this team. It's really sad. You start with one bad apple and soon the rot spreads," said forward Tim Malacarne, referring to reserve bench 'player' Dorothy Nederman, who will also not be present at this Saturday's game. When asked to comment on her absence, Dimbiloglu inqired, "Wait, who?"

#9 K Street Crooks (9 pts back, 5GF, 8 GA) meet #13 SarahMcElhinney'sFantasticTeam (12pts back, 3GF, 13 GA) Saturday at 4:00 PM at Petworth.