Monday, June 22, 2009

Crooks share dramatic draw with Pandas; 2/3 of team feared dead

In what can only be described as ‘a game for the ages’, the Crooks battled their way to a thrilling nil-nil tie this weekend versus Unatletico FC. If you’re reading this, and own a pink jersey, odds are you didn’t see it.

On a ridiculously perfect day for soccer, right down to the dew point, our pink-clad warriors began to assemble at Capitol Hill. As they laced up their boots, one question repeatedly came to mind: Where is everyone? Unatletico FC’ers were streaming into the field from all entrances, one blinding neon yellow jersey after another, while the number of Crooks in attendance held steady at just 5. (Granted they were the 5 most talented, attractive and overall most valuable Crooks, but still…) Cell phones, smoke signals, and various bird calls were all employed as futile attempts to locate those absent. We have no choice, dear readers, than to assume that those that did not show are, in fact, dead. Was it swine flu? Or did they all check the latest district sports standings and simply lose the will to live? It is a mystery.

All was not lost however. The remaining Crooks were blessed that afternoon - by angels in purple jerseys. Several Kung Fu Pandas, upon finishing a win of their own, graciously agreed to join the Crooks in their fight against their reflective opponent. The combination of pink, purple and neon on the field was a sight to behold. The level of play, too, was stunning. Striker Jim Olsen literally grew wings and flew around the field – both stymieing the opposition, and providing a pleasant breeze to his fellow teammates. “He’s like a same-age version of Logan Kendall” one fan remarked. Behind Jim was a pink line of defense that never backed down. With an imposing new goalie loaned in from the Pandas with striking brown eyes, the defenders were clearly out to impress. Lovell leveled at least 8 opponents (an ensuing investigation will likely turn up more), and Horgan tackled a dozen more with moves the Wachowski brothers can only dream of recreating.

Though no goals were tallied, it should be on record that the Crooks, against immeasurable odds, fought bravely and skillfully. Let's hope more Crooks are there next week to watch the show!