Monday, June 21, 2010

El Campo, Crooks, Overwhelmed By Hasib Media Blitz

First off, my sincere apologies, dear readers, for the delay in this posting. The media storm surrounding the Crooks match from two weeks ago was so great, that all cable, internet, phone and carrier pigeon lines in and out of El Campo’s offices have been completely tied up until now. This tremendous disruption (in case you’ve been living under a rock), has obviously been due to the extraordinary play of rookie striker Waqar Hasib.
The K Street Crooks were battling Team America that afternoon… a middle-of-the-board team with a bottom-of-the-board goal count. The game started quickly enough, with the Crooks enjoying the bulk of possession over America throughout the first half. Midway through the second half, it became very clear the Crooks were just plain better than America, and it was only a matter of ‘when’ they would strike, not ‘if’. Sure enough, in the 43rd minute, Hasib stepped up. The Crooks’ mighty offense pushed the ball forward, and suddenly popped the ball up in a high cross to midfield. The ball was coming down right into the midst of three giant America defenders, all snapping for the ball at once, when, out of nowhere, our hero of the day sprung up above them all and guided a masterful header like a rocket into the back of the net.
The sold-out crowd went wild. Never before had they seen such power, such brilliant, raw talent displayed on the field. It was breathtaking, magnificent. Hasib was immediately bombarded by the paparazzi, and throngs of Dupont fans threw themselves at him, camera phones in hand.
Post-game interviews with his fellow teammates were equally positive.“Oh he’s going places, for sure,” commented fellow striker Jim “Jimmy” Olsen, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he ditched us for the CPL next year” Olsen added, alluding to the Cardozo Premier League, an elite 7v7 Tuesday night high school gym league, located on the ritzy side of U Street.
Hasib's future was a hot question on many of his stops on the national talk show circuit following the heralded match. No decision has been made yet, but I believe this reporter speaks for many Crooks fans in hoping Hasib remains in the neon pink jersey for many seasons to come.

Stay tuned for a season wrap-up as the Crooks close out their 2010 Dupont campaign.


Waqar said...

My motto - Always bet on pink. (Perhaps that's why I always lose money at the roulette table). -Waqar

Anthony said...

He is truly a legend in my mind