Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shorthanded Crooks Get the Snot Beaten Out of Them

“I was bruised and battered,
I couldn’t tell what I felt,
I was unrecognizable to myself,
Saw my reflection in a window,
Didn’t know my own face,
So brother, are you gonna leave me wastin’ away,
On the streets of P and 17th…..”

The immutable words of The Boss can only capture a glimpse of the scene that occurred this past Sunday in Dupont Circle. Paired with the only undefeated team in the league, the skeleton-crew Crooks were hurting well before the opening whistle. While the Crooks waited in vain for a 6th and 7th player to arrive, the ‘Chupacabras’ laced up their steel toe boots, slid on their brass knuckles and expertly adjusted the steel plates up their sleeves. It was going to get ugly- 7 goals to 0 ugly.
Fortunately, the bloodbath that ensued was only seen by a few – a few that will be scarred for life, for sure. Any fans keeping track of goals, fouls, yellow cards, ejections and blown tempers that afternoon likely needed to make a halftime CVS-run to replenish their notepads and pens.
However, if the Crooks have proven to be anything over these past 4 years, it’s that they are masochistic - err, resilient. Rest assured, those that are back in one piece next weekend will return to Dupont for another shot at victory. Will you be there?

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